Samuel Herrup Antiques

New Additions

  • English Delft Tiles

    English Delft Tiles

  • Hunt Board

    Hunt Board

  • Chest of Drawers

    Chest of Drawers

  • Connecticut River Landscape

    SOLD Connecticut River Landscape

  • Sconce


  • Dutch Delft Drug Jars

    Dutch Delft Drug Jars

  • Prisoner of War Coconut

    Prisoner of War Coconut

  • Needlework Cushion

    Needlework Cushion

  • Portrait of a Boy

    Portrait of a Boy

  • Crolius Jug

    Crolius Jug

  • English Armchair

    English Armchair

  • William of Orange

    William of Orange

  • Westerwald Jar

    Westerwald Jar

  • Miniature Redware

    Miniature Redware

  • Window Advertising Display

    Window Advertising Display

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