Samuel Herrup Antiques

New Additions

  • Blanket Chest

    Blanket Chest

  • Mocha Mug

    Mocha Mug

  • Chinese Export Serving Dish

    Chinese Export Serving Dish

  • Large French Lanterns

    Large French Lanterns

  • The Ice Man

    The Ice Man

  • Stoneware Cooler

    Stoneware Cooler

  • Creamware Pitcher

    Creamware Pitcher

  • Spanish Colonial Silver Bowl

    Spanish Colonial Silver Bowl

  • Maine Redware Covered Jar

    Maine Redware Covered Jar

  • Swiss Painted Box

    Swiss Painted Box

  • Buffett Farm Watercolor

    Buffett Farm Watercolor

  • Battersea Enamel Candlestick

    Battersea Enamel Candlestick

  • Fish Weathervane

    Fish Weathervane

  • Theorem


  • Horse and Sulky Weathervane

    Horse and Sulky Weathervane

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