Samuel Herrup Antiques


  • Sconce


  • Skewer Holder

    Skewer Holder

  • Pipe Tongs

    Pipe Tongs

  • Spanish Colonial Silver Bowl

    Spanish Colonial Silver Bowl

  • Fish Weathervane

    Fish Weathervane

  • Large Horse Weathervane

    Large Horse Weathervane

  • Wrought Iron Andirons

    Wrought Iron Andirons

  • Cooking Pot

    Cooking Pot

  • Decorated Tin Box

  • Large Pewter Candlestick

  • Pair of Miniature Brass Candlesticks

Other Objects     

  • Candlemold


  • Irish Pitcher

    Irish Pitcher

  • Prisoner of War Coconut

    Prisoner of War Coconut

  • Swiss Painted Box

    Swiss Painted Box

  • Painted Bellows

    Painted Bellows

  • Wooden Mortar

    Wooden Mortar

  • North West Coast Basket

    North West Coast Basket

  • North West Coast Basket

    North West Coast Basket

  • Bohemian Glass

    Bohemian Glass

  • Sewing Strawberries

    Sewing Strawberries

  • Japanese Bizen Bottle

    Japanese Bizen Bottle

  • Red Painted Keepsake Box

  • Small Buttocks Basket

  • Carved Wooden Objects

  • Miniature Portguese Colonial Coffer

  • Cree Scoop

  • Squeak Toy

  • Carved Cherry Cane

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