Samuel Herrup Antiques

American Paintings

  • Cohen Painting

    Cohen Painting

  • Bundy Portrait

    Bundy Portrait

  • Portrait of a Boy

    Portrait of a Boy

  • Portrait of a Woman

    Portrait of a Woman

  • Landscape Folk Art Painting

    Large Folk Art Painting

  • Theorem


  • Portrait of a Girl

  • Erastus Salisbury Field Portrait

    Erastus Salisbury Field Portrait

  • Pastel Portraits

    Pair of Pastel Portraits

  • Portrait of a Boy

Continental Paintings

Chinese Export

  • Watercolor on Silk

  • Pair of Chinese Export Portraits

  • Pair of Chinese Export Portraits

Other Paintings

  • Spanish Colonial Painting

    Spanish Colonial Painting

  • Still Life on Glass

    Still Life on Glass

  • Korean Scroll Painting

  • Continental Reverse Painting on Glass

  • Pair of Prized Pigeons

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