Samuel Herrup Antiques
  • American Side Table

    American Side Table

  • Silk Needlework Picture

    Silk Needlework Picture

  • Islamic Brass Bowl

    Islamic Brass Bowl

  • Persian Pen Box

    Persian Pen Box

  • Brass Alms Dish

    Brass Alms Dish

  • Redware Plate

    Redware Plate

  • Redware Mug

    Redware Mug

  • Mocha Mug

    Mocha Mug

  • Miniature Sofa

    Miniature Sofa

  • Landscape Painting

    Landscape Painting

  • New York Armchair

    New York Armchair

  • Chinese Blue Jugtown Pottery

    Chinese Blue Jugtown Pottery

  • Canary Mug

    Canary Mug

  • Decorated Tin Tray

    Decorated Tin Tray

  • American Brass Bedwarmer

    American Brass Bedwarmer

  • English Pearlware Teapot

    English Pearlware Teapot

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